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Squirrels Use Old Snake Skins To Mask Their Scent From Predators

A certain Barbara Clucas who was one graduate student who specialized behavior of animals at the UC Davis spearheaded this undertaking. Clucas made observations with regards to ground squirrels. Stereo microscopes had been integrated in this research. According to the original text, ground squirrels were also known as Spermophilus beecheyi. Also, Clucas delved into rock squirrels that were also known as Spermophilus variegates. read more

World's Smallest Snake Found In Barbados

Hedges worked in collaboration with some associates. These people had been acknowledged to be the explorers of the tiniest frog in the world. This would also be applicable for a number of species of lizards, studied with stereo microscopes, which had been also uncovered on the islands of the Caribbean. The latest uncovery had been published in Zootaxa. It was Hedges who discovered this new snake. It was kind of a threadsnake among a small fragment of forest at the eastern portion of Barbados. read more

Snake Venoms Share Similar Ingredients

In another Science Daily issue, the venoms which came from varied families of snake, examined with stereo microscopes, might possess several fatal ingredients generally. This was more compared to what had been thought in the past. One contemporary study had unpredictably uncovered some three-finger toxins among subspecies of this Massasauga Rattlesnake and proof for one original toxin genes which came as a result of gene synthesis. These snakes could be studied with stereo microscopes. read more

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